Global Warming Video Sources

1 May

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18 Apr

Public service announcements are almost manipulating in a way. They use emotional tactics to make you feel more strongly about what they are trying to convey. They also make you see things in different perspectives in ways that can influence you. Credibility is used by using famous people for example to get their point across. In my video about global warming that I am making for English 1060, I plan on using all three of these things. I am going to use sad pictures to show the effects of global warming and I will use credible, famous people to show that these people care, so viewers should care too!

Research Proposal

22 Feb

For my research and writing project, I have decided to write about global warming and the effects it has on people’s health. I really like science and find this topic interesting, so I wanted to do a little more research on it. My research question will be along the lines of how global warming contributes to the pollution in the air, how it affects people, and if there is anything that we can do to prevent global warming from getting any worse.

Unwanted gas buildup within the atmosphere causes heat to be trapped, which is global warming. This results in a climate change and an increase in pollution. There has been much controversy over the causes and how to stop it, but no one has come up with a solid solution. Some people deny that it even exists, while others constantly research to try and find some kind of resolution. Laws have been passed in the US to try and slow down the process of global warming. Pollution and global warming can have dangerous health side effects on people including breathing problems, an increase in heat illnesses, etc. Over population, the use of fossil fuels and deforestation are a few causes of global warming. Most causes are actually human induced, which means that there has to be something that we can do to stop the steady increase. I am hoping that through research, I can try to find different ideas on how to solve this problem.

I will mainly be researching the causes and effects of pollution/global warming particularly dealing with humans. The library has many online environment databases where I can find useful, credential sources. Many scholarly magazines contain scientific articles and opinions on this topic also. Since the awareness of global warming has been increasing throughout the years, I will hopefully be able to find a lot of information in science journals and organization websites too. I am going to search for as many different views and opinions on global warming as I can to give my research paper more depth. One possibility would be to interview a professor in the science department on global warming to get another possible point of view. After gathering all of my research, I plan to share my thoughts on this subject and what I think is necessary to solve this problem.

Something MUST Be Wrong With You…

19 Feb

Ever notice how when people try to eat healthy and pick fruit over fries, people always question them? You’re crazy, you don’t need to lose weight! Or why are you counting calories and fat? Even worse, oh so you’re going anorexic now? I try to consider myself a fairly healthy person. I watch what I eat and I exercise daily. I’d like to say I do it because I really want to be healthy, but secretly I just like to watch my figure. Whatever the reason though, I always have people questioning my decisions to eat healthy. Today I decided to eat a salad for lunch instead of KFC. My friends all ragged on me for this decision and honestly, I am getting tired of it. Our society is so caught up in fast food and eating what is absolutely yummy that you are considered “weird” if you don’t conform to eating a big piece of fried chicken. People always try to convince me to eat unhealthy with them and tell me that I can eat whatever I want and would be fine, but this is not the case. If I decided to eat unhealthy foods every single day, what would happen? You guessed it! I’d become more and more unhealthy. My main question is why has it become almost unacceptable and out of the ordinary to eat a nice salad rather than large fries? Why are more people judged for eating healthy than eating fast food everyday? Think about it!

Teaching Hygiene in Schools

18 Feb

While looking on the internet for interesting things, I stumbled across this study that I’d like to share. Ten schools in Pittsburgh participated in a study where five schools took part in a school hygiene program and five received no training for this hygiene program. “WHACK the flu” is a program that teaches students five steps, such as washing hands and covering coughs, to avoid getting sick. Studies showed that the five schools that took part in the training program reduced the amount of influenza cases by over 50% compared to the other five schools. Along with reducing sickness, student absences also decreased. The study achieved the goal of getting students to practice good hygiene like using hand sanitizers throughout the day. Are schools in Pittsburgh onto something? I think schools across the US should start requiring teachers to teach some kind of hygiene program like this to keep kids healthier. What do you think? This article can be found at Go check it out!

Obesity Strikes Again!

6 Feb

In my previous post, I talked about fast food and how parents don’t say no to their children requesting McDonald’s everyday that can obviously cause overweight problems. I came across an article about a ten month old boy named Lei Lei who is also known as the “Michelin Baby.” He had a fever one day and had to go to the hospital where they ended up running tests to explain his abnormal size and weight. At ten months, he weighs as much as the average six year old child. They say all Lei Lei does is sleep and breastfeed and everything he touches, he tries to put it in his mouth and snack on it. Obesity is becoming much more prominent in China as their economy is growing. Sound similar to America? It seems as if the rest of the world is slowly catching up to America in terms of the obesity problem. More than 60 million people in China are considered obese and 200 million are overweight. This might not seem like a big number compared to the 65% of Americans that are obese or overweight, but the fact that this problem is becoming bigger is not a good thing. Something needs to prevent these numbers from increasing even more. Any ideas?                             compared to…. 

Think I Was Kidding? The full article can be found at Think I was kidding? The full article can be found at

What’s Different About This Generation?

6 Feb

As I was sitting here thinking about what to blog about, I remembered a comment that was made during class and decided to think more about it. We were discussing how unhealthy fast food is and why people continue to eat it knowing the health risks involved. The topic moved more towards kids as we were talking about a 17 year old how has chicken nuggets from McDonald’s every single day. is where you can find the story about this. Our teacher asked if parenting could also be a problem to this fast food epidemic. If the parents stood their ground and would not let their children eat all this unhealthy food, then it might be less of a problem. Not only is this true for eating decisions, but also in other aspects of the child’s life. Think about how it was when our parents went to school. You didn’t constantly have to worry about someone stealing your things or breaking into your car or house. I know my grandparents could leave the keys in the ignition of their car and the car would still be there after they ran all their errands. Now you wouldn’t dare think of doing this or you might regret it. There are more discipline problems in school and the crime rate has increased. The reason for this is that this generation was raised completely different than the generation before us. What happened if you talked back to a teacher 40 years ago? You would get the paddle or slapped on the hand with a ruler, right? And what happens now? You get a warning and might get sent to in school suspension where you sit and do nothing all day. Sounds like a little vacation away from school if you ask me. The punishment within schools has completely changed and kids aren’t afraid to disrespect authorities, nor their parents. Some parents are letting their kids get away with anything now because they don’t feel like dealing with punishing them. I see children throwing fits in Walmart or talking back to their parents and their parents let them. If I did that when I was younger, I would get punished for sure. I never thought about disrespecting my parents because I was too afraid to. Kids aren’t taught morals or disciplined like most were 40-50 years ago and this is becoming a problem. So my question is, how do we stop this from getting any worse?